• Image of Remedy Body & Room Spray

Amber Glass Bottle

Small batch body and room spray
Made with 100% pure essential oils and cool, clear distilled water.

Zen: A Lavender base with woody floral's and citrus finishes
An All Purpose Spray

Love: A Jasmine base with warm notes of Neroli, and a touch of sweet Ylang Ylang and citrus
A romantic spray sure to warm up any bedroom

Purify: A Lemongrass base with clean, crisp scents of Eucalyptus, and Geranium
A bright spray good for strong smelling rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom

Anoint: A Palo Santo base with sharp, woody notes that will awaken the spirit
A powerful spray good for the body and to cleanse personal space

Clarity - A Clary Sage base with warm woody notes to bring piece of mind and peace of heart
A spray good for nervous energy